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http://www.ultraforum.org is an international multi media community with social media sharing functions, it is feature rich and easy to navigate/use. http://www.ultraforum.org is can be translated into many different languages on the fly using the translator in the top navigation bar. I will be looking for users to sign up and share with the community. Also I will be looking for moderators to help maintain the integrity of the forum. Attachments are easy to add to posts, many file types are allowed, if your file type isn't allowed, simply post it in the suggestions category and i'll add it (accept for .exe, .com and .bat files) come check it out, register and introduce yourself, this is going to grow into a great community free from spam, judgement, and hatred. And best of all, you will have anonymity if you so choose. Sharing your post to popular social media websites is done at the simple click of a button. You can also embed and add videos to your posts and not just limited to YouTube - but an entire list!, or simply attach your video to the post and upload it to the server. Are you an artist? Do you run a business? Are you an Indy game creator? Do you make android/osx apps? Web development? Are you an up and coming musician? Advertising on http://www.ultraforum.org is free! Simply post your information in the appropriate topic! Then share your post to social media sites such as google+, tumblr, reddit, twitter and more! So don't be shy come to http://www.ultraforum.org and register.

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my forum is custom modified, but is limited by php protocals.. you can upload thousands of files if you want, within the 2 gigabyte php protocal limit.
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