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Posted: Sun Sep 10, 2017 8:55 pm
by Guts
this website is proudly hosted by one of the best private web hosts to date

check them out, they are state of the art.

We offer ultra fast "Intel 3500 series" Solid State Drive Hosting Plans And RAID1 Array SATA III 6/GBs Hard Disk Drive Hosting Plans At Our Kansas Data Center. We Feature Unlimited Subdomains, Unlimited FTP Accounts, Unlimited Email Accounts, Unlimited Traffic, Unlimited File Numbers, PHP, RUBY, PERL, & JAVA Without Limitations That Other Hosting Companies Put On You For Financial Gain Trying To Get You To Upgrade More & More As Well As Pay More And More. Our servers are designed not to get "congested" or become too slow without putting greedy limitations on you.

For example PHP limited upload/post configurations and memory limits or I/O limits. Or a very limited number of HTTP requests. This is a major problem and headache/hinderance with other hosting giants & these are all excellent reasons to switch to me, I'm great for multi media sites, businesses & e-commerce, blogs, forums, and more! I have optimizations enabled on the C compilers if it is a concern to you. My servers backbones are 300Mbps (mega bits per second), this equates too topping out at 37.5 Mega Bytes per Second transfer speeds, however most of the time its around 100Mbps unless server load demands more.

It is my firm belief that the customer is always right. So my servers are GEO LOCATION protected, if you got a problem with your previous host such as hypothetically speaking "spam bots attacking your forum or blogs from all sorts of countries around the world". Well those countries cant even connect to my servers, infact most of the cyber threat countries cannot access my servers. Very few get through if any at all. and my IANA database is updated monthly. So if your tired of spam bot attacks on your website your previous hosting provider didn't assist you with that is yet another good reason to switch to me, infact these are all good reasons to switch to me. Also my servers have a 99.98% uptime and rarely ever go offline.