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hi my name is william , administrator of ultraforum.org

i live in south dakota in a small town in the midwest USA. I enjoy cars, astrophotography (at remote observatories), astronomy, art, photography, digital cinematography, PC gaming (and emulators), im also a ham radio operator but dont have any radios right now, however i have a UHF/VHF Copper J-Pole up about a good 45 feet in the air, i custom built a 40-meter inverted V dipole with a copper head but dont have the space to put it up. Ive owned a ten-tec omni d, kenwood 7400r, yaesu VX7R, radio shack radios, standards (vertex), and other equipment from RadioGearPro.com, ive modified the yaesu vx-7r to work outside the bands, and radiogearpro sells radios that work outside the bands as well, its a good cheap option way to get a handheld and get started in the hobby or even a mobile unit for in the car or in the home if you got a power supply (i got a 20amp 12v power linear power supply, not much i can do with it, but i plan to get a mobile dual band radio again some time from radiogearpro)

I like making cars quicker and customizing them, especially domestics (i know the most about those) i've played with nitrous oxide, turbo's N/A's (all fuel injected) OBD1 upgrades, but no OBD2 tuning yet.

My current ride is a 1988 231 cu 3.8L v6 series 1 buick lesabre limited 4-door midsize sedan , after gutting it (and i plan to cut plasma cut the trunk plate out) it weighs around 3,100lbs or so down from 3,300, not even the spare tire or jack is in it anymore the trunk is empty (i got tow package on my insurance now) there's no back seat anymore or door panels or front dash panel anymore, i left the front carpet inside of it cause i dont want the metal to rust.. but i may still cut it out and put down some buick floor mats. Current mods are a 3.5" short ram intake with K&N Style filter, IAT simulator, 160 degree thermostat, bosch platinum +4 IR plugs. Soon to have a 3" exhaust with 2000 monte carlo SS headers, straight back into a 3" glass pack (just for some back pressure), plan to put some 15-16" wheels on it with 215/60r16 rubber (haven't decided yet)

So that's a little about myself, my favorite phone is currently the phone i own which is an unlocked, rooted, upgraded Google Nexus 6 running android 7.1.1 w/ developer mode enabled and animations set to .5x

the stats of my PC are in my signature, my favorite motherboards are actually ASUS ROG's but the last one i had i fried, and the only replacement suitable for my socket of cpu was the ASRock Fatal1ty z97x killer.. (which aint bad, but it just isn't as good as my maximus HERO VII)
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Rosewill Rise Full Tower Case, 3x120mm blue led intake fans, 1x140mm exhaust fan, 20" Lasko box fan against side for cooling, LG Blu-ray Burner, ASrock Fatal1ty z97x Killer motherboard, 16gb G.Skill RipJaws 2400MHz ram, Intel core i7 4790k O/C 4.7GHz, Noctua NHD-14 CPU Cooler, Arctic silver 5 thermal compound

MSi RX580 8gb Gaming X+ ETHEREUM MINING: @ 1431MHz 1130mv/2150MHz memory @ 1.2v MEMSHIFT 1750 Timings. GAMING: 1441MHz 1150mv, 2085MHz memory @ 1.2v.

MSi RX480 ARMOR OC 8gb ETHEREUM MINING: @ 1320MHz 1112mv/2090MHz Memory @ 1.0v MEMSHIFT 1750 Timings. GAMING: 1320MHz, 1130mV/2090MHz @ 1.0v.

Hashing Ethereum @ 67.8xx
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