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Reorganizing Ultraforum

Posted: Sat Sep 09, 2017 12:06 pm
by Eliguy
I think it would be a good idea to reorganise the forum hierarchy so that people can only post in 'node' forums (i.e. forums that do not have any forums under them). I think it is confusing to even have country forums like 'Africa's 'Israeli' etc.

Why create specific country forums when you have a Google Translator up at the top nav?

Ultraforum's current state is so confusing especially because this isn't the practice in most forums that I am familiar with.

I think it would be better if the forums are arranged properly.
With categories and subforums. In other words, the hierarchy will be something like this:

Under 'Forums', there will be 'General Section', 'Living Section', 'Entertainment Section' and 'Technology Section'. Nobody will be allowed to post directly in these sections.

Under the 'General Section', there will be 'General', 'Business', 'Politics' etc

Under the 'Living Section', there will be 'Family', 'Romance', 'Pets', 'Health', 'Education', 'Faith', 'Travel' and 'Motoring'

Under the 'Entertainment Section', there will be 'Humour', 'Games', 'Books', 'Music', 'TV/Movies' and 'Sports'.

And under the 'Technology Section', there will be 'Phones', 'Personal Computers' and 'Internet'.

In that way forum would be easier to navigate, simple and clean...

Let me know what you all think.

Re: Reorganizing Ultraforum

Posted: Sat Sep 09, 2017 1:05 pm
by Guts
well, the orig plan was for an international forum.. ultraforum didnt always look this way or have all the features it has..

i can remove the country forums.. but i see no reason to simplify the subjects, as this is a international, multi purpose forum

If i put your topics under say "general" .. how exactly does that specify them as general even?

it simply wouldn't make logical sense, the forums are categorizes by "topics" -- and the sub forums give diversity, this website is designed to be used by a world wide audience, it has the capabilities and connection speed to be a fully featured multi media social media sharing community.

its data is unlimited

it has 160 gigabytes of disk space

it has a 37.5 megabytes per second connection (300mbps)

this is not going to be like the forums your used to.

This server is located in the worlds #1 super power.. the united states of america.. and so is its owner.

your free to post what ever you want, images, pictures, files, name it. and share them to reddit, facebook, twitter.. etc

you can embed videos from TONS of streaming sites.. this is not a "data limited" website, infact if you go to the anime section, youyll find 1,500 wall papers, about 2 gigabytes worth of high resolution images start downloading to your computer/phone if you were to click on it the topic.

this forum isnt exactly phone friendly either, this forum was built and designed with a computer, on a 32" screen 1080p HD resolution.

if you can read english i dont see why your getting confused?

However im greatful for your suggesting i get rid of the countries categories.. and have done so, thank you for your suggestions